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Statistics On The Growing World of Renewable Energy

25 April 2024

To show the enormous amount of effort that’s being made to ensure that our world is greener, we have gathered some figures from the renewable energy industry.

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Improving Farm Productivity Grants: Important Things To Know

4 April 2024

The UK government announced the second phase of the ‘Improving Farm Productivity Grant’ which is aimed at facilitating the installation of solar equipment on farm roofs and reservoirs.

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ev charger installation in Birmingham available with Maisum

Important Things To Know About EV Chargers

7 March 2024

The Basics of EV Charging Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles operate similarly to any other chargeable devices or electronics. They are connected to a charging point, drawing electricity from the grid. In the UK, most chargers are Type 2, featuring a seven-pin design and powered by Alternating Current (AC). The slowest chargers are utilised at […]

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solar panels being fitted in Birmingham from Maisum

All You Should Know About Renewable Energy News!

20 February 2024

Major Initiative in West Midlands to Assist Businesses in Cutting Energy Cost >A new scheme is offering thousands of businesses in the West Midlands an opportunity to reduce electricity and gas costs. By participating in a free energy audit, businesses may be eligible for match funding of up to £100,000. Business Energy Advice Service (BEAS), […]

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Complete Guide to the Benefits of Solar PV!

15 February 2024

Solar panels have become a favoured option for commercial and residential properties with the move to a net-zero society. The environmental advantages are enormous, and with electricity costs on the rise, switching to solar PV can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. Here at Maisum, we specialise in designing, supplying, […]

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Understanding the Eco-Impact and Costs of Solar PV Energy!

1 February 2024

Solar PV is a growing popular choice for homes and commercial properties, however, there are still many misconceptions in knowledge surrounding their functions and benefits. Maisum Renewable Energy is a business with over 25 years of experience in designing and installing solar panels. Like many companies transitioning to renewable energy, we prioritise environmental benefits and […]

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