Case Studies

Explore our showcase of case studies, featuring photos and information from our projects over the past two years.

Chameleon Web Services

We installed 36x 440w N-Type Trina Panels.

Total system size - 15.84kW.

Expected annual production - 13,947kWh.

With this, Chameleon will have 55% grid independence and will save a projected £73,202 in net savings over the next 20 years.

House in Pedmore

Installed 18 x 440w N-Type Trina Panels. Perform better in low-light circumstances and degrade at a slower rate than P-Type.

This is estimated to result in an annual production of 6,137.59kWh giving them 59% grid independence.

Along with this, we added a Growatt Hybrid Inverter with two Growatt 6.5kWh batteries.

Hawne Chemist Halesowen

Performed an annual maintenance on the solar system at the Hawne Chemist, ensuring its continuous safety.

Installed a new Emlite bi-directional generation metre restoring the ability of the previously damaged one.

Faun Zoeller

With an expected annual savings of £4538 and a Return on Investment (ROI) of six years, the estimated long-term savings for FAUN Zoeller is £136,456.

System size - 43,775kW.

Energy from solar - 112%.

10 tons of CO2 will be avoided per year.

House in Statford-upon-Avon

Mounting of 14 Trina 425w panels to front and rear of property.

5 Panels on front roofs, spread over original and extension.

9 Panels on Rear roof.

5.10kWp array.

House in Moseley

4.44kW system.

8x Solfit integrated black mono panels.

5.8kw of battery storage.

Complete re-roof with integrated solar.

CSCM Ltd 2 Swallowfield Courtyard

28.9kW system.

68x 425 Watt Panels.

An expected annual savings of £6,898.

Predicted solar PV self-consumption of 17,955kWh.

House in Oldbury

6.8kW system.

Trina Vertex S 425w Mono Panels.

16 solar panels installed.

House in Wolverhampton

7.65kW system.

Trina Vertex S 425w Mono Panels.

18 solar panels installed.

Batter storage of 11.6kWh.

House in Birmingham

5.1kW system.

2 rows of 6 Trina Vertex S 425w Mono Panels.

Latest month readings for day is 3000 kWh.